Our Services

Once we assigned to collect debts, mediate, or arbitrate for our client’s either companies or individuals domestic or abroad. The following procedures will be applied: –

Appointment letter

Appointment letter to authorize our office to perform the designated service.

work plane

Depend on the case Our office will provide work plane to be discuss and agreed with our Clint’s before commencement.

Happy ending

Once the case delegated to judicial authorities our office will be obligate to secure happy ending in favour of our clients

Provide all relevant papers

Provide all relevant papers, documents and agreements that are related to the assigned case.

Status and progress

update will be provided about the status and progress achieved on monthly basis.

Debtor’s forwarding

The debtor’s forwarding address and contacts PO box, emails and phone numbers.

Peaceful solutions

We do not recommend legal channels until we dispose all possible option for peaceful and amicable solutions.